Who Is Invincible

Who Is Invincible

I have a very short story in the latest issue of Corium. It’s called “Werewolf”.

I finally sent out that Antarctica story. It’s one of the longer things I’ve worked on lately. I am crossing my fingers and toes that it finds a home.

Sometimes in my job I spend a lot of time playing with numbers and listening to music in a haunted mansion. I bought a notebook and started writing longhand again. I have more space in my life to write than I did when I was juggling three jobs, but I’m still learning how to carve out time for myself. I keep taking on freelance projects and side jobs. I spend some nights and weekends writing things for some people and teaching things to other people. It’s difficult to unlearn the perma-hustle.

In between work and work and running around Brooklyn, I’ve been thinking about comic books. I started listening to Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men on my way to and from work. The X-Men are one of my favorite superhero teams of all time, and I am a sucker for completely bonkers continuity. Comics are a huge influence on how I think about fiction, and I am itching to write some superhero fiction after I get done with the tiny haunted house piece I’m working on.


Interfictions Online is Open for Submissions

Interfictions, a digital anthology of interstitial arts, is open to submissions from now until July 31st. I’m one of the people reading these submissions, so I’d be much obliged if you’d send some great stuff directly to my eyeballs. Our Submittable page and guidelines are here.

To get a feel for the sort of liminal things we’re looking for, check out the inaugural issue.

Unstuck Submissions Now Open

Unstuck, the journal I’m assisting this spring, is accepting submissions from now until March 13th.

Unstuck publishes literary speculative fiction.  Or, if you prefer, speculative literary fiction.  If you have a polished piece of specu-literary short fiction or poetry lying around, consider sending it our way.

If you’re curious, you can read more about Unstuck in this New York Times blurb or in this  CultureMap feature about one of our readings.

[Insert Title Here]

FFFTTD Day 12: Find a myth, fairy tale, or legend. Retell it using motifs from another culture (real or invented).

Hey, guys. My return from a day trip to Fort Worth got unexpectedly delayed because it started snowing during my ride home.  This wasn’t a problem for me, native New Englander that I am, but the other Texas drivers on 1-35 slowed to a crawl.  I just got home, I’m very tired, and I’m not going to be able to get to this prompt tonight.

This is, however, a wonderful prompt.  So I might just try to double up tomorrow night.  Watch this space.

Oh, and go check out the other fighters’ responses.



Pinky and Olivia, are you guys still participating? I hope so, because I’ve been enjoying your responses.

Bad News Bears

I apologize, flash fiction fiends. 

After a bad bout of tendonitis this week, my doctor suggested a nix on typing for the weekend while my anti-inflammatory drugs kick in.

I’ll jump back in the game Monday.  In the meantime, check out what the other brilliant participants are writing.