An Interview with Joe Meno

 A few months ago, I sat down and talked with Joe Meno about his new novel Office Girl, the independent publishing process, and buses vs. bicycles. Now the shiny, edited, formatted  version of this conversation is up on the Unstuck website. If you like, you can go read it here.

In other news, our Kickstarter campaign is going swimmingly. It’s been less than a week since it went live, and we’re already tantalizingly close to our initial goal. We’ve got 26 days to go, though, so if you’re itching for a Kolchaka-illustrated  thank you robot, a preordered copy of our second issue, or a lifetime subscription to the journal, now’s the time to go get them.

The Unstuck Kickstarter Campaign Is Live!

The Unstuck Kickstarter campaign went live today. Unstuck is a small, nonprofit publication, so every dollar helps. Check out the campaign, watch the short video about the journal, point and laugh at my ten seconds of screen time, and consider throwing a few dollars our way. Spread the word, too. Our initial ask is a modest one, and every dollar helps.

In celebration of our Kickstarter campaign, each weekday from July 30th to August 24th we’ll be posting excerpts from the first issue and interviews with the authors. The first interview, conducted by talented assistant editor Janalyn Guo, is with the fantastic Arthur Bradford. Go check it out!


Today, Unstuck wrapped up shooting a video for our upcoming summer Kickstarter drive. Hurray! I’m not used to being in front of a camera, but I managed to babble about literary genre fiction without making a complete fool of myself. Watch this space carefully, as you may get to see 10 seconds of my incoherent ramblings immortalized on film this July.

I also recently finished interviewing seven different authors from our premiere issue.  I’m currently editing these interviews down into readable little text bombs. They’ll go live during the Kickstarter campaign.

As usual, I’m also writing and editing and submitting my own fiction, but that’s a process discussion for another post.