Hey, Internet: Vol. 7

It’s time for another highly overdue edition of Hey, Internet!

Keith & Fran’s Arty Geodesic Dome Home

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live inside a geodesic dome?  Wonder no more!

Mars Rover Twitter Feeds

A friend recently alerted me to the fact that Spirit and Opportunity, Phoenix, and Curiosity all have their own Twitter feeds.  The feeds are often written in the first person, which produces an interesting sort of anthropomorphized narrative for the rovers.  Why aren’t there more Mars rover POV stories out there?  Get it together, nerds.

The Cartoonist’s Goal

Daniel Clowes talks about art.  I kind of laughed when the narrator of this short suggested that I might not know who Daniel Clowes is.

The Best Recent Stories

HTMLGIANT polled readers on what they thought were the best recent short stories.  The results are worth a look.  The list includes “The Navigators”, a Mike Meginnis story that was one of my favorite pieces of 2011.  Anyone want to get me a subscription to Hobart for my birthday?

Fifty Shades of Fan Fiction

The Millions discusses, among other things, the fact that the latest bestselling erotic novel is really just Edward/Bella slash fiction.

Checking Out

Speaking of erotica, here’s an examination of the sexy librarian trope.

 The Hat, by Rachel Levy

You know what? Just leave the hat on.

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