Over the last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about the above Bukowski poem. I think I stumble over microfiction because I keep forgetting that it needs to have the precision, timing, and rhythm of poetry. I haven’t written poetry since I was 17. I keep trying to write microfiction, though, because one day I’d like to be able to tell a story as concisely and brutally as that poem does.

I am working on two pieces of microfiction right now. One is called “Paperback Romance” and the other is called “Mars”.  The first is somewhat satirical, the second is sincere, and both of them are steeped in my usual sort of genre melancholy.

Microfiction is a puzzle I am trying to figure out.  My brain is extending tender new dendrites in its direction.

1 thought on “Poetry

  1. MIcrofiction/ Flash Fiction allows you to open your mind to the possibility of experimental language and explore one event/person/situation in an elevated manner. Bukowski is a great thinker aswell as writer, I always seem to find myself in his work! Plus length does not determine the quality of the piece:)

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