FFFTTD Day 6: Explain how to troubleshoot a common problem with a future technology.

Q: I’ve been growing my ship from seed, but it seems kind of stunted.  I’d really like to be able to use it by next year!  What am I doing wrong?

A: Growing a ship from seed is by far the best, most economical way to get your own ship.  Mature ships are often prohibitively expensive, but ship seeds can be acquired for a fraction of the price of a fully grown ship.  Not only is growing a ship from seed cheaper than purchasing a ship, but it allows you to train your ship to grow around a frame of the size and shape of your choosing.  Kudos for taking on this challenge!

You sound like you’re fairly new to naviculture.  Make sure your ship is receiving enough high quality radiation exposure each day.  Strong sunlight is best, but if you live on a planet with thick cloud cover it can be hard for your ship to get enough sun.  In that case, see if you can move the framework close to an unshielded or partially shielded nuclear reactor.

Unfortunately, sometimes seeds just don’t take.  If this is your first time growing a ship, you may find it easier to grow one from a cutting instead of starting from a seed.  If you have a friend who has a hearty ship you admire, try asking for a cutting!  Ships grown from cuttings share the same genetic makeup as their parent ship, so then you also have the advantage of knowing exactly what your ship’s coloration and markings will be.

Hope that helps!  Good luck!


It’s good to be back.  For this one I tried to mimic the helpful Q and A forum style I often find on the internet when I’m trying to figure out why my plants are dropping leaves or why my lizard hates ceiling fans.  This is already the second time I’ve written about space ships for FFFTTD.  Tomorrow’s theme is weird space ships.  I will write about all the space ships, all the time.

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4 thoughts on “Naviculture

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  3. It’s good to have you back! Love the story, and the title. Naviculture is a wonderful word.

    Also – space ships are amazing. They deserve to be written about all the time. Look forward to seeing what you write for today’s.

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