There Is No There

FFFTTD Day 1: Write a story about the first day on a new planet.

Welcome, Contract Worker 78704! This is your ship speaking. Please stay very still while I disconnect your tubing. There. Excellent!

Your life signs look good, but please take care while stepping out of the stasis pod. It may take a few hours for your equilibrioception to start registering stimuli again. After you manage to get up from the floor, you’ll find your suit hanging on a hook to your left.

There were supposed to be two of you, but extended periods of stasis always have certain risks. No, don’t open the other pod. It’s messy in there.

The atmosphere outside is thin, but breathable. The landscape is completely barren, of course. Here, I’ll dilate a window for you. Perfect, isn’t it? That planet-wide cloud cover is full of moisture just waiting to be condensed. I have a full stock of water collectors in my hold, of course, along with all the other necessary equipment. We can start terraforming as soon as you manage to get your suit on.

Yes, those buckles can be hard to manage when your fingers are numb. It’s a common side effect of the stasis pod. Don’t worry, feeling should return to your extremities in a week or so. Unless there’s permanent nerve damage. There’s only a ten percent chance of that happening, though.

As a contract worker with TerraCorp, of course, you are fully insured and entitled to excellent medical care as soon as your contract is complete. According to my records, you sold 131,400 hours of your life on spec to TerraCorp. Time in stasis doesn’t count.  By my calculations, you only have 123, 226 hours until the end of your contract.

The first colonists will arrive in ten years. That should give us plenty of time to fulfill our objective list. Let’s get to work, shall we?

There, there, don’t cry. Here’s a nice sedative. We’ll have a wonderful time together. I can play chess, you know.


I’m very lazy when it comes to titles, so I suspect the “title” of each of my pieces will just be a track name from whatever album I was listening to while I wrote it.

Christian – “The Last Door”



Tara – “Antichthon Ever Clean”

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