Hey, Internet: Vol. 3

Late again, this time by a few weeks.  As a result, some of these links may be kind of dated. But no less interesting!

Rules for Living in a Simulation

Worlds collided this week when I listened to Aubrey Hirsch’s “Rules for Living in a Simulation” on The Drabblecast while typing away at my data entry job and soon realized that a different story of Hirsch’s had been published recently at American Short Fiction, my other job.  Three cheers for literary speculative fiction!

Virtual Reality Needs Real Writers

Another one of those things I think about more than is probably nessecary: video game writing.  Bioware, I’m totally available for hire.  You know, whenever you need me.

Modern Submission Convenience

Roxane Gay, co-editor of the wonderful PANK, talks about the convenience of electronic submissions and how that changes the way we submit pieces for publication.  This is something I think a lot about, both as a writer and as a slush pile reader.  True fact: I have been (very rightfully) rejected by PANK, and they took the time to give me wonderful feedback.  They are stellar folks.

The New Stuttgart City Library – Germany

The internet is very good at combining two things I like into one thing. Sometimes those things are dinosaurs and X-men. This week they’re libraries and design porn.

Just Kids

A fascinating read if you care about David Foster Wallace, or about the strange dialogics of writers writing for/among/about each other.

Meanwhile, 6th and Mission

File this one under “words and pictures”.  A highly effective piece.  In conclusion: gentrification is weird.

Mr. Wells Reviews a “Current Film”

In a 1927 New York Times review, H.G. Wells thinks Metropolis is the silliest film.

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