I started looking for jobs about three weeks ago.  It was great spending the summer traveling, but even globetrotters have to pay rent.  The job hunt has been going better than expected.  I’ve been getting interviews at multiple places.  And one of them hired me.

I’m now a submissions reader for Tin House.  They send me 25 short prose manuscripts every two weeks.  I read them, take notes, and then forward my favorites to the editors.  It’s pretty neat to be a part of selection process.  This job only takes about 5 hours a week, though.  So I’m still looking for a job that will actually pay the bills.

My not-so-secret dream is to work in a comic book shop.  They’re never hiring, but I still got dressed up and submitted resumés in person to Floating World and Things From Another World.  Next I’m going to go bother Excalibur and Guapo Comics and Coffee.

Most likely, though, I’m going to end up working in education or in a kitchen.  And, if all else fails, I do have a few friends working for Steam who could get me a customer service job there.

I’ve also been submitting a few stories, mostly the pulpier genre ones, for publication.  I won’t say much more about that until someone foolishly decides to publish me.  Ah, day jobs.  Ones of the many joys of being a writer who isn’t independently wealthy.

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