Seriously This Time

For reals. Transmission in 3... 2...

Wow.  It’s nearly July.  I spent the last month in a state of hibernation-decompression.  I mostly slept, cooked, read a ton of books, and played Dragon Age: Origins until my eyes bled.  (Note to self: finish that half-baked essay on the narratology of video games.)  Then I went to Lake of the Woods, Ontario.  I stayed in a cabin by the late for ten days without phone or internet.  I caught fish, bashed their fishy skulls in, and ate them for dinner.  They were delicious.

I’m doing pretty okay.  I managed to move out of my apartment without incident and now I’m sharing a large sunny room with my boyfriend in a house that’s much nicer than it had any right to be.  I’ve been writing, strangely enough.  I’m leaning towards realism and half-finished speculative fiction stories that I abandoned years ago when I have no time.  Now I have an awful lot of time.  As Lorrie Moore said, “Now you have time like warts on your hands.”  Indeed.

You may have noticed I haven’t posted any part of my thesis here yet.  Frankly, after wrestling with the thing for a year I didn’t want to look at for a while.  I didn’t want to face the tiny bits of editing I’d inevitably do before sharing parts of it.  I wanted to stick it in a box and forget about it.  By now I have a little distance.

This week, for serious, I will start posting stories from my thesis.  This series will be probably be Thesis Lite.  No introduction or critical afterword, no filler, just the stories that I think turned out pretty okay.  Most, despite being published in thesis form, I’d still consider works-in-progress.  Feedback, as always, would be appreciated.

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