I Know Where The Summer Goes

It's lonely in the modern world.

I am mildly obsessed with Unhappy Hipsters.  I love modernist design.  (I regularly browse Design Within Reach despite the fact that their products will never, ever be within my reach.)  I love witty commentary.  This blog has both.  I like how it points out the inherent weirdness of architecture/design photography: because the gaze of the camera is focused on objects, people and animals are always small or peripherally in the frame.  They nearly always look like they are being threatened by or shut out of their environment.

I feel like each post is a miniature novel.

But enough of me analyzing Tumblr blogs.

I graduated from college.  I got a diploma and everything.  The day that I graduated, I got a letter from Tin House telling me that I won a scholarship to their summer writing workshop.  I’d quietly applied for the scholarship a month or so ago, not expecting I’d get it.

This is Very Exciting.

What else am I doing with my summer vacation?  All the traveling I missed out on while I was in school.  I’ve been saving my pennies over the last few years and now I get to smash the piggy bank.  I’m going to Lake of the Woods in Canada for ten days in June.  I’m going to Peru for two weeks in July.  And I’ll probably spend a week in New York in early August.  It’s nice to have far-flung family and friends.

It’s tricky for me to hold down a summer job while traveling around so much, so in the meantime I’m volunteering.  I visited Free Geek the other day to find out how to start their build program.  After that I might try to do some education work with them.  I also want to start volunteering with the ASPCA again, because dogs make me happy.

In mid-August I’ll start applying for jobs and/or internships in the Portland area.  If that doesn’t work I’ll head elsewhere for more enticing job markets.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting excerpts from my thesis here.  Many of these stories are new versions of things you’ve seen before, but some will be brand new.  After a week of decompression, the dream juices seem to be flowing again.  I’m mentally composing a story called “Bone Soup”.  We’ll see where it goes.

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