Working, Working

Is This The End?

I’ve been unusually together lately.  In addition to writing, writing, writing, I’ve been sleeping, cooking, reading, and skiing in place at the gym.  Occasionally I go out and about and get lost.  Getting lost is good for the writing, I think.   I even updated my long neglected  cooking blog, Knives Out.

I have two half-completed drafts that I’m working on right now.  Both are in the first person and involve male protagonists.  Both are linked closely to the other stories I’ve written this semester.  This allows me to continue working with characters and locations I’m fond of while branching out in voice.  It’s fun.  I’m so excited about things that I scribble longhand in a notebook while I’m away from my computer.  My wrist cramps up.  It’s pretty terrible.

One draft is titled “Satellites”.  It’s a road story that finally allows me to explore the St. Christopher / Laika connection I’ve thought about for a while.  You’ll have to trust me when I say it makes sense in context.

The other story is tentatively titled “Gainful Employment”.  It’s another unreal crime story that brings back the dynamic duo of Serhiy/Serge Klychko and Rivka Balshemennikov.  It involves a lot of language tension and language humor and the pitfalls of communication.  I hope it will be as funny to other people as it is to me.

I should have a draft of one or the other done by Monday.  I’m not quite sure which one to focus on, though.  So if you have a preference about which one you’d like to see first, dear reader, let me know and I’ll try to oblige you.

Also, Happy Halloween!  Don’t forget to go out and get in trouble.

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