An Introduction To Your Sputnik Sweetheart

I am A. This is a place to collect my writing. I like to think that it looks more professional than a LiveJournal.

This is a place for things that are somewhat finished. No rambling personal angst, no proto-prose. Fiction. Non-fiction. Essay.

I mostly write short fiction. Some people seem to like it. I’ve been told that my work reminds people of everything from Haruki Murakami to David Lynch. That’s higher praise than I rightfully deserve.

I consciously and unconsciously emulate the writers I love.

There is an icon of Franz Kafka pinned to the inside of my rib cage and there is a candle besides it that is always burning. He is the central figure in my canon of literary saints.

There is something about the Russians that never fails to tug at me. There are many, many greats, but Dostoevsky is a particular favorite of mine. Notes from the Underground is a mirror.

I desperately admire the claustrophobic loneliness of Jean Rhys novels.

My contemporary writers are Haruki Murakami and Michael Chabon.

I like pulp. I like science-fiction. I like the transcendentalism of Philip K. Dick and the prophetic nature of William Gibson. I like comic books. I like Alan Moore and Warren Ellis and the mystic, manic Grant Morrison.

A lot of my writing falls under the vague category of “speculative fiction”. It is difficult for me to write straightforward fiction, though I try from time to time. I have too many dreamy ideas. I am always thinking about what could be.

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